The Project Goals

Heal Planet Earth.
Build a Sustainable Future.
Keep it that way.

You're Welcome.

#1. STOP

STOP Burning Fossil Fuels.
STOP Destroying our Planet.
STOP Poisoning our Planet.
STOP Species Extinction.
STOP Desertification.
STOP Inhumanity.


#2. HEAL

RENEWABLE Energy Sources only.
REGENERATIVE Agriculture Only.
IMPLEMENT 4for1000 Programm.
GIVE ALL living things respect.
SEQUESTER Greenhouse Gases.
CLEAN-UP Nature.



NO MORE Sell-out of everything.
COMMONS on all Nature Resources.
HEALTHY Soil, clean Water and Air.
SUE Polluters, Poisoners and Destroyers.
USE Technology to control.


Want to Love Your Planet?

Welcome Earthling !

Mission: Heal Planet Earth. Build a sustainable future. Keep it that way.

Vision: Digitalisation, Social Justice and Nature Protection.

Strategy: As simple as #1 #2 #3 and A. B. C. 


A. Stands for Almend or Almende. Without politics attached, respectful, resource-aware form of people or groups, managing and guarding, the natural resources together. As we lost our feel for Nature, we need to Love it Again! That is the core of this Project and in understanding what we are risking to loose, just because how we live on Planet Earth. Loosing this "Game" is not an option and no more excuses about those things that are known! All is known. This is my social contract with you, Earthling! Agreed, then you can call yourself "Almender" or "Almendee".

B. Stands for Me and You and Our People We have the Almend Project Goals e.g. Mission. We have the motivation to do everything, that is required. We have, skills and tools of the Plattform {Almend Enablement Portal} to connect with all People on this. We need the resources of the many, to full-fill the purpose and vision of the project. Your and Your Friends', as well as My and my Friends' Skills, Time, Network, Land and other resources like Money are required too. No doubt, so it comes together. Just pick one!

C. Stands for what we design the Project to do. Actions on the major topics , #1.STOP, #2.HEAL and #3.NEVER AGAIN. Examples, Solutions, Projects and Ideas to fix what can be fixed, fast. If we are lucky, we will have a liveable Planet left! This is why the importance of what we bring in now, is so crucial. Whatever divides us, this is not it! With any luck, we will win friends all over the Planet and saved billions of animals from extinction, from doing so. If you agree on this, go and grab your account and be active. Also, tell your people about it. Share your Love for the Planet!

The Project Structure.

The Almend Project

This is the structure to achieve our goals.

Be Enabled! Be Grounded! Love Your Planet!

For-Profit Ecosystem

The Almend UG (limited) is the commercial arm of the Almend Project.


Charitable Organisation

The Almend e.V. is the independent non-profit arm of the Almend Project.


Citizens Cooperative

The Almend e.G. is the independent co-ownership arm of the Almend Project.

As a matter of Urgency

Fast Actions needed.

Our way going forward

Fast Results needed.

The Cooperative Approach

Transform Globally.

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